One Funnel Away Challenge Reviews

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Is it Worth It?

Written by Ralph Chua
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What would you do if you were just one funnel away to change your business… and your life?

That’s the question that the One Funnel Away Challenge seeks to answer.

But is it worth your time and money?

Here’s a roundup of reviews from real people who have taken the challenge to help you decide.

Spoiler alert: opinions are mixed! 

Some people loved the challenge, saying that it was a great way to learn more about online marketing.

Others found it overwhelm and felt like there is too much to learn.

So, what’s the verdict?

If you’re willing to invest time and energy into completing the challenge, it could be a great way to learn more about online marketing.

But if you’re looking for an immediate fix or don’t have the patience to follow along with a program, it may not be the right fit for you. 

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What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a program designed to help people learn more about sales funnel. It’s a 30-day challenge where participants are asked to complete tasks related to sales funnel.

Who Is Behind The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Before we begin looking at what is the one funnel away challenge, let’s find out who is behind the program.

Russell Brunson the co-founder of ClickFunnels is the creator of this program.

If you don’t know who Russell Brunson is, he is also an author, speaker and internet marketer who has helped entrepreneurs bring in millions of dollars through sales funnels.

He’s a dedicated and obsessed digital marketer who has bootstrapped his company from the ground up and led them to over $100 million in sales, and he did it all without taking venture capital or any shortcuts.

He has manage to build wildly successful online business by leveraging the power of sales funnel.

Did you know that Russell started his journey by selling potato gun?

Yes, he did!

He then pursue direct response marketing with the famous Dan Kennedy and learn proven marketing frameworks.

That’s just the start of his accomplishments; I wanted you to know that the person teaching knows what he’s talking about.

You can find out more about his journey in one of his book, The Dotcom Secrets.

In fact, you can grab a free copy here all you need to do is cover the shipping.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a program that challenges participants to think critically and strategically about their businesses by analyzing the sales process to build your sales funnel.

The program has been designed to teach people how to market any type of business, using the best technique to reach your ideal customer and convert them into a sale.

Online marketers can use this information for their own business or as a way to help individuals and companies.

Some people said that it was an eye-opening experience thanks to the insights they gained from participating in the course, while others found it too much work and overwhelming.

Not everyone liked it, but those who did were all able to find something they took away from it.

So how would your journey in One Funnel Away Challenge go? Here’s a brief description of what you can expect:

Why Did Russell Brunson Created The One Funnel Away Challenge?

If you follow along Russell Brunson journey you may know that he is a giver.

As he was building his company ClickFunnels the funnel building software he saw some people manage to build successful and thriving business using ClickFunnels platform.

However, he also noticed that there are many more people who still struggle to build sales funnels for their business.

So, he asked his 2 comma club winners who made over a million dollars in a single successful funnel a personal question.

“What would you do if you suddenly lose everything”

*Even now, this question has a firm grip on me.

That’s where was created.

This is summit that gathered 30 successful entrepreneurs to share what would they do if they lose it all.

In the summit, they share their blueprint of what would they do in the next 30 days to build their business from scratch.

You can get a free ebook copy as a bonus if you join One Funnel Away Challenge.

After the summit, Russell decided to do his own version of 30 days challenge which is the One Funnel Away Challenge you are reading right now.

How To Join One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge starts every 2 weeks.

Depending on which day you are reading this.

You may join the next challenge here.

Register Here:

The challenge cost is $100 to join to get access to the training for the next 30 days.

You will receive and invitation to join a special facebook group with all the other participants for that period.

The facebook group will be achieved after the end of the challenge.

I was able to establish a fantastic connection with the individuals in that group during that event.

Spoiler Alert: Russell Brunson is a very passionate teacher he talks very fast when he get’s excited.

The goal of the funnel challenge is to help you:

  • Breaking False Beliefs
  • Creating An Offer
  • Simplify Funnel Building Process
  • Getting Traffic
  • Direct Response Marketing

Here is a recap what will you learn during the challenge:

Pre-Training WEEK: Change Your Limiting Beliefs

One Funnel Away Challenge start by helping you discover how to break the mindset you have that is preventing you from even starting with online business.

One thing I like about this program is that they will not only tell you how, but they will show you by giving examples and case studies.

You will go thru 5 Day Lead Challenge during the pre-training week to understand how all of this plugs in together.

WEEK 1 Mission: Offer Hacking and Offer Sequencing

One the first week of the challenge you will be learning about offer hacking and offer sequencing.

Offer hacking is the act of making money by selling an offer to your existing list.

Offer sequencing is another way to create an irresistible offer to your current or previous customers.

You can’t sell them something too much better than what they bought before, right?

That’s where offer sequencing comes in.

You will get to know the 5 ways you can upgrade your offer without making a copy of what you already have.

On top of that you will receive worksheet via that will help you along the journey.

The topic that will be cover during the 1st week is as follows:

  • Your First Sales Funnel
  • Your Flagship Framework
  • Creating Your Irresistible Offer…
  • Creating Your Page
  • Creating Content (Your Publishing Schedule)

WEEK 2 Mission: Your Hooks and Stories. 

During the 2nd week of One Funnel Away Challenge, you will be learning about how to create your hook and stories.

You need to gather followers so they can hear about your offer when you have one ready.

In order to do that you need a hook to get their attention.

What’s the hook?

It’s the only thing people will only remember about you.

You can have a set of hooks, but there is one that stands out from the rest and that’s your signature hook.

Your signature hook is your personal story, your struggle and your experience.

For example: You can be known as The One that Tried everything and Succeeded after 20 years of struggle…

The topic that will be cover during the 2nd week is as follows:

  • Who, What, Why, How
  • Creating The Sales Pages
  • The Order Form Bump (Framework By-Product)
  • Plugging Your Offer Into The Members Area
  • OTO #1 – Do It With You (Over The Shoulder)

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the perfect program for entrepreneurs and business owners who are just getting started with sales funnels. This challenge will help you build your first successful funnel in 30 days or less!

WEEK 3 Mission: The Sales Funnel.

During the 3rd week of this challenge you will be learning about sales funnels and how to build your next funnel.

You need to know every step that people take in order for you to meet their needs and solve whatever problem they have.

Having a well balanced sales page is crucial to get the best result of the funnel.

You will learn about the components that should be included in every sales funnel and then they will give you a step by step process of how to build your next funnel.

The topic that will be cover during the 3rd week is as follows:

  • The “OTO” 1 Script and Page
  • OTO 2 Script and Page / TY Page
  • Connecting and Testing Your Funnel(Technical Stuff)
  • Your Epiphany Bridge Origin Story
  • Building Your Dream 100 and Hook, Story, Offer

WEEK 4 Mission: Make It Rain.

During the 4th week of this challenge you will learn about how to drive traffic to your offers.

You have to have a traffic plan before you create the offer because if you don’t it will be harder for you to build a profitable business online, since nobody knows who you are and what they can expect from working with you.

The topic that will be cover during the 4th week is as follows:

  • Drive Traffic And Promote Your Funnel
  • Collect Your People and Setup The Tech
  • Hook & Sell With Ads
  • The Value Ladder…
  • One Funnel Away…

Why you should sign up for the OFA Challenge?

First of all, if you are hungry for success and willing to work hard to make money online this is the perfect course for you.

Russell Brunson is a successful entrepreneur who has built one of the biggest companies in the world, ClickFunnels.

He’s an authority on his field and he can make you successful.

The problem with most entrepreneurs is that they don’t have enough knowledge about how to build their own online business.

Russell Brunson knows what it takes to be successful because he already did it himself!

You need someone who will teach you proven strategies so that you can build your next funnel, not just talk about them like other gurus do.

If you want to create a profitable online business then this challenge is for you! It’s no brainer if you’re willing to work hard and follow their advice because you will get a life changer.

You will get a life changer if you follow the advice from Russell Brunson and his team!

They know what it takes to be successful because they already did it themselves, so they can make you successful too.

Should you choose to accept the challenge? Join Here

Register Here:

One Funnel Away Challenge Reviews: My Verdict

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 Days Challenge!

How does this work?

Well it starts with understanding how humans process information when they are making decisions.

You then combine that knowledge with some powerful techniques like visualization and affirmations so you can create new neural pathways for achieving success.

If you’ve been looking at other programs or courses about marketing strategy but haven’t found anything useful yet, I think this may be worth checking out!

So what do you say?

Are YOU ready to take on the One Funnel Away Challenge today?!

Register Here:

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

You Got Questions?

How Much Does It Cost?

You get 30 days worth of training that may change your business for only $100.

Is The Challenge Worth The Cost?

I am not sure about you but if you are serious about your business i think investing money of $100 is worth it.

Do You Need A ClickFunnels Membership?

Yes, you need ClickFunnels membership during the challenge. You can get ClickFunnels offer 14-Day Free Trial. If you wish to get ClickFunnels 30-Day Free Trial do drop me an email.

Why Can’t I just Learn Everything Online For Free?

Yes, you can. This program is specifically design for your best interest and best results.

Can I Join The Challenge At Any Time?

Yes, you may join the challenge any time during their 2 cycle.

What’s The Deal With The “One Funnel Away” Quote?

One Funnel Away meaning all your business needs is just one highly profitable sales funnel to break the chain.

What Is A Challenge Funnel?

A challenge funnel typically meaning leading the participant from X to Y on a specific topic.

Is ClickFunnels An MLM Company?

No, Clickfunnels is not an MLM company.

Is This Challenge For Newbies?

Yes, it is. For best result you may want to read about the glossary.

Is This An Online Courses?

This is not just another online course. It is a challenge that will help your business grow if you take it seriously.

Do I Need To Use Clickfunnels?

Yes, you need to use ClickFunnels during the challenge. You may use other platform you prefer with the knowledge learn from OFA challenge.

What’s The Cheapest Methods To Build My Funnel?

There are few. I may update the list here. However, ClickFunnels is most recommended. Drop me an email see if i can help you on this.

What Are Sales Funnels?

Sales funnels is a step-by-step guide to sell your products or services.

What Will You Get Once You Join The Challenge?

You may check out the offer here.

Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge For?

One Funnel Away Challenge is for people that are serious in building their own online businesses and making sales online.

Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge NOT for?

If you are not ready to invest some time and effort into your business then OFA challenge may not be for you.

What Are The One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses?

You may check the bonuses here again.

Are There Any One Funnel Away Share Funnels?

Yes, you will get “The Flagship Framework Funnel” during the challenge.

When Is The Next One Funnel Away Challenge?

The challenge opens every 2 weeks. You may join the next available one.

Is There A Faster And Cheaper Way To Learn?

Yes, you may join Your First Funnel. The latest offer by ClickFunnels.
You check it out here:

If you wants to learn more about ClickFunnels…

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