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It’s been a long while since I last write a blog.

The whole time I’ve been working in the sales industry, it never really clicked to me that without an online presence, I’m just one of many other companies who are trying to get their message across.

It was probably because all these years door-to-door sales has worked for me and my company so we never had to worry about getting our name out there.

But now things have changed with social media and all the different avenues people use to hear new products and services for themselves – making what used to work less effective than before.

And that’s why I decided that if I want my name out there more, then maybe it will help increase my business as well?

So I researched a bit to find out what I should do.

After a lot of digging, I found out that in order to get started I needed to have a sales process in mind and a sales funnel.

But before I could start with any of this, the first thing I had to do was identify my target customer and their needs.

So then, after identifying that, the next step was figuring out how to reach them.

For that, it helped me quite a lot when I read about marketing principles for small businesses.

The next thing I did was to learn about the various types of traffic.

From there, I found out that there are two types of online traffic.

  • Search Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic


  • Paid Traffic
  • Organic Traffic

After understanding the traffic it helped me learn about the types of marketing strategies I could use to get started with my online presence.

I decided to opt for search traffic as my strategy.

I chose search traffic because it’s a great way to get my name out there without having to spend too much money on an advertising campaign first.

And with the help of some great tips I found on search engine optimization, I made changes to my website and started trying out some stuff.

It didn’t happen all at once though.

There were many times when I had no clue what I was doing or how to get around a problem.

But I kept pushing and asking questions and looking for solutions.

I think this is the biggest thing I learned about online marketing – there’s no way you won’t run into problems and roadblocks all the time, but what helps a lot is if you keep asking questions and looking for solutions.

So I decided to document and share what I learn in this blog.

“The Best Way To Learn Is By Teaching”

Here is how it begins…

The Funnel Brother

The Funnel Brother

Hi, I am Ralph Chua from The Funnel Brother (TFB).

TFB is a blog created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

The blog covers the latest in digital marketing, entrepreneurship and how to build successful online businesses with a Sales Funnel.

The site’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs by sharing the latest news, education information, and tools for success in digital marketing.

Our Goal Is Simple:

To Inspire You To Get Started!