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Sales funnel copywriting is the art of getting people to take action through words.

Copywriters use strong, persuasive language and techniques to encourage their audience to act on a call-to point.

Sales funnel copywriting is used in all aspects of marketing including website content, email campaigns, blogs posts like this one, landing pages or any other form of advertising.

This post will cover what you need to know about how write compelling sales funnel copywriting for your business.

What is sales funnel copywriting?

Sales Funnel Copywriting is the process of writing high converting copy for all stages of your sales funnel. Is the art of writing persuasive content to lead your customers from the point of awareness to becoming a customer.

What Is Sales Funnel Copywriting?

Sales funnel copywriting is the result of understanding sales psychology to get your prospects motivated and moving, one step at a time.

At each stage, sales copy must inspire the right feelings to take action so that it results in sales conversions.

To get your prospects moving through your sales funnel stages, a well written content must inspire them right for each sales stage in the sales process.

Here are some examples:

Awareness stage

it is about finding out what they know about your product category.

Interest stage

it is about getting them to take a look at your sales message.

Decision stage

At this stage needs to get them to think about what they need and how your sales benefits will help them towards their goals.

Action Stage

Final stage has to seal the sales deal with your prospects, ask for their sales and get them to take action immediately so they don’t change their mind.

Here is what High Quality Content can do to your business:

  • Capture target audience’s attention
  • High converting sales funnel with customer focused content
  • Gather leads with customer emails
  • Steady stream of more leads
  • Shorten Decision making process
  • More happy customers
  • Automated selling machine
  • Recurring customers
  • Retain customers

Awareness stage-Entry Point

To write copy for the awareness stage, you need to figure out what they know about your industry or product category. You can do that by asking questions like:

– “Do you know anything about our product category?”

– “What’s one thing that jumps out at you when you think about our products?”

– “Have you heard of any products like ours before?”

It will also help to find out how knowledgeable they are about your business and your competitors. You can figure that out with questions like:

– “Who are the leading companies in this field?”

– “What do you know about our company?”

– “What do you know about our competitors?”

– “What are their strengths and weaknesses?”

The answer to these questions will give you an idea of the best approach for writing your sales funnel copy. If they are not aware of what’s happening in the industry, then it might be a good idea to start with general awareness building copy. You can do so by writing about the industry or product category.

– “Do you know how many products are currently being sold online?”

– “Did you know that eCommerce has been growing exponentially year after year?”

If they have some awareness but not much, you can build their level of knowledge by adding specific details to your copy.

– “Did you know that the average business saves over 20% in customer acquisition costs, when they sell online?”

– “Did you know that eCommerce sales are expected to grow by 8% by 2020?”

If they have a good understanding of the industry or product category, then it’s time for sales funnel copy. You can do so by drawing attention to pain points or problems they are facing.

– “Have you felt frustrated with how hard it is to sell online?”

– “Do you have a tough time getting your sales message across clearly?”

– “Do you struggle with explaining the benefits of buying from you versus other similar products on the market?”

One of the great way to ask these question would be social media posts or target market customer community groups.

How to write sales copy for the interest stage?

Sales funnel content for the interest stage needs to get your customer’s attention by creating initial awareness in thinking about what they need or don’t have. You can get them thinking by showing them that there are problems that are not being solved yet or opportunities that are not being taken advantage of. For example:

– “Did you know over 40% of visitors leave a website if they don’t find what they are looking for within 3 seconds?”

– “Did you know that only 2.9% of online shopping carts are actually completed? This means that over 97% of shoppers abandon their carts before buying.”

– “Did you know that most people buy from the companies which provide the best customer service?”

People don’t just want to know what’s in it for them. They also want to know how each purchase benefits other people, because that shows the value of buying from you. Just think about this: People buy from businesses that provide solutions to their needs and problems. And they get a lot more bang for their buck when they buy from businesses that have a lot of benefits to offer.

In the interest stage, your copy should play on the fact that there are a lot of problems or opportunities still in need of being solved or taken advantage of, and you provide all the solutions for them. You will also want to keep their attention by revealing some interesting numbers about the industry or the demand for a specific product.

– “Did you know that most Americans try to save money but end up spending more in the long run?”

– “Did you know that every second, 10 people are searching for information online?”

– “Did you know that Facebook has over 1 billion users?”

You can also reinforce the value of buying from you by comparing what free users get to what paying customers get. When you do so, make sure that the additional benefits are relevant to your business niche.

– “Free users get access to basic features while subscribers get premium features”

– “Free visitors get regular updates while paid members have early access”

– “Free users have to wait for articles to be published while subscribers get immediate access”

You can also show what they are missing out on by buying from a different competitor.

– “Free users will never find an answer to their question, whereas paid members get personal consultations”

– “24% of free email accounts send spam emails, but only 0.3% of paid email accounts are hacked”

– “31% of free hosting sites are never updated with the latest software, whereas only 2.1% of paid hosting sites are outdated”

Remember that in order to write sales funnel content for this stage, you need to make use of powerful words and statistics from trusted sources.

Also, just because someone isn’t ready to buy yet doesn’t mean that you should stop providing value, so continue to build trust by leading them down your sales funnel.

How to write sales copy for the decision stage?

Sales funnel content for the decision stage needs to clear up any remaining questions and give a strong call-to-action.

You can do this by providing a lot of information about your product or service in order to show that you’re serious about winning them over with your offer. For example:

– “Inspecting your mattress doesn’t have to be unpleasant – rest assured, our locally owned team will provide you with a thorough inspection”

– “We offer free consultations for all air duct cleaning services”

– “100% money back guarantee if we don’t meet your expectations.”

Keep in mind several important things when writing sales funnel content for this stage:

First, people are usually pretty impulsive at this point, so avoid using too many scaring words or phrases that might discourage them.

Second, always give a very specific time limit to hook your readers into wanting to know more right away.

– “Our free consultation only lasts 10 minutes – why not make an appointment today?”

– “You have until tomorrow to take advantage of our limited-time offer.”

Last but not least, include a lot of testimonials that build up the credibility of your company.

– “95% of our customers rate us A+!”

– “94% would recommend our services to their friends and family”

Remember that you should use emotional phrases whenever possible because they are proven to build trust.

– “It’s your lucky day!”

– “Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Sales funnel copywriting is the art of guiding your readers through the sales process until they reach a final purchase.

How to write sales copy for the Action stage?

Sales copywriting for the action stage, also known as a sales pitch, is all about pushing consumers to make a decision.

This means that your tone needs to be more urgent and compelling, with an increased focus on convincing them of the benefits they’ll enjoy when making their purchase.

You want people who are considering buying from you to feel like every day they’re not purchasing from you is a wasted opportunity.

When writing sales copy for this stage it’s important that you use persuasive words rather than informative ones – remember, in this stage it’s usually not enough for customers to know or understand what your product can provide them – instead they have to actually want benefit obtained through owning said product.

Selecting the right words will increase the chance of success for your sales funnel.

– “Why wait any longer when you can take advantage of our deal right now?”

– “Introducing the next generation of power tools”

– “What sets us apart from the competition is…”

Sales funnel content in this stage should also mirror what potential customers are thinking by addressing common fears like “What if it’s not what I hoped for?” or “Is this really the best price available?”

– “We’re confident you’ll love our service”

– “Not only are we one of the cheapest options out there, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Check out what these guys had to say about us!”

– “We guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with our products and services, and we’ll provide a full refund if you’re not satisfied”

The Bottom Line

Sales funnel content is critical to your business, so you should put a lot of time and effort into it.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert copywriter to produce great sales copy – just take some time every day to study the tactics used by successful companies, implement what works best for your business model, and keep track of what’s effective.

How to write a great sales copy?

Knowing your goal is the first step to writing great content. Do you want to make more money? Get more customers? Improve your SEO rankings? It’s not enough to know what you’re trying to achieve, but also how much time and resources are available for it.


1) Know who your customer is and their pain points

2) Avoid saying “I” or sounding too salesy; be personal by speaking in the voice of an expert/friend (think mom talking about sleep deprivation!)

3) Use action verbs like “solve,” “eliminate,” “demolish” when describing the benefits of using a service or product

4) Don’t forget humor! Even something as simple as adding a funny tagline or image can get people to engage with your sales funnel.

– “We guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with our products and services, and we’ll provide a full refund if you’re not satisfied”

– “Introducing the next generation of power tools”

– “Why wait any longer when you can take advantage of our deal right now?”

– “It’s your lucky day!”

– “Don’t miss this opportunity.”

– “Not only are we one of the cheapest options out there, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what these guys had to say about us!”

– “What sets us apart from the competition is…”

– “What sets us apart from the competition is…”

– “We’re confident you’ll love our service”

– “Not only are we one of the cheapest options out there, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what these guys had to say about us!”

– “We guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with our products and services, and we’ll provide a full refund if you’re not satisfied”

5) Avoid using jargon and overly technical terms unless your market is familiar with them

6) Use numbers throughout the copy to reinforce credibility (e.g., “15% of people who purchase this product were able to lose 15 pounds in the first two weeks”)

7) Use a headline as an attention-grabber and be sure to incorporate keywords from your PPC ad copy for higher search rankings

8) Take advantage of selling opportunities by exploring new or underutilized features. For example, if you offer hair products for dogs, this is a unique selling proposition with little competition

9) Make sure your copy matches the tone of your brand. If you’re trying to appeal to young adults, be sure that all of your content follows suit

10) Don’t forget the rule of 3 – lists are easier to digest than paragraphs!

11) Test different titles and headlines to see what your customers respond to the most

12) Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – how would you want to be spoken about? Would you appreciate humor, or do you prefer straight-to-the-point content?

13) Keep it conversational. People like dealing with people – so sound like a person.

14) Use closing statements to give your readers an incentive to click the button, purchase the product, or get in touch with you

15) If you’re just starting out and only have a small budget, focus on one area of your funnel at a time. For example, test new PPC ads or find out which landing pages have the best return on investment

Conclusion paragraph

At the end of the day, it’s all about making your customers want to buy from you.

The best way to do this is by providing a great experience with every interaction and segment in the customer journey–starting at their funnel’s entry point into your company’s story, continuing through each touchpoint along their path towards purchase, and then following up after they have made that conversion.

Creating a satisfying and fruitful relationship with your existing customer, new customers and even potential customer with your valuable content in email marketing.

This includes everything from how your copywriting reads on landing pages or product descriptions to how well you perform live chat support sessions during checkout.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when crafting content for these different segments; just make sure whatever tone you use matches what we know people find persuasive!

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